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November 18, 2021

Advantage Baseball will teach you to read a hitter, according to where he is standing, how he is standing and his presence. We will teach you when it’s ok to throw certain pitches in certain counts and when it’s not. We will teach you when to throw over and when you don’t need to throw over to certain bases with runners on. We will teach you how to hold runners on effectively and shorten and slow down the opposing teams running game. We will teach you how to go after hitters and attack the strike zone. We will even teach you how to get the umpires on your side.

Advantage Baseball will teach you how to call a smarter game. Teach you how to best position yourself for who’s pitching and what pitches are the one’s you will be calling. We will teach you how to call pick offs, and pitch outs on your own. We will teach you how to block and throw. We will teach you the importance of the fake throw. Teach you instincts, and how to read the hitter and the field. We will also teach you how to befriend the umpires.

We will teach you how to position yourself according to the hitter-situation and consistency of your own pitcher. We will teach you how to work in sync with the other fielders. We will teach you how to be 2-3 even 4 steps ahead of the game ( instincts) We will teach proper footwork to optimize your throws to your targets ( proper routes-arm angles and releases) We will teach you to have that mental edge which will reflect on the physical edge as well. We will also develop you to play a secondary and third position as well, to make you more valuable to your team.

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"Its more than just coaching baseball, it's teaching work ethic and building confidence." "100% effort 100% of the time, and get better every day."
- Juan Rocha
Advantage Baseball
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