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September 19, 2013

This gets really down to the nitty gritty of do you really really care or want to know how? One of the first things you should do is canvas all the baseball players you know. Ask them to show you how to hit a baseball. Pay particularly close attention for you see they may have the whole answer.

Everyone would love to be a hit personally and at the bat. Some are terrific hits at both the friendly personality trip and then also some of the better athletes pay close and studies attention to the details of baseball hitting and become not only the towns Hero they are everyone's King of the Diamond legend and long ball baseball hitter.

You must do the things required pay your dues and pay attention observe learn and do the things all successful baseball hitters do and have done forever.

They each one in his or her own way will give you their version of what you must do to know how to hit a baseball. You might even find one or two which duplicate some of the mechanics of how to hit a baseball.

Let me ask you a question or so about what you found out during this quest to learn about how to hit a baseball. Did anyone tell you to pay close attention to the placement of your elbow when in the hitters stance awaiting the next pitch? How about this one how many instructed you to place your feet an exact way when you stepped into the batters box to get ready?

How many of your ball players told you, "You must remember to always hold your head steady to be able to hit the ball?" Did anyone tell you to stand real close to the home plate or to stand well back deep in the batters box? Do you remember any of these players saying, "You must always swing your bat level when striking at the ball." How about this one, "Spread your feet as far apart as you can and still be comfortable to swing your bat."

All of that instruction you received coming from different people most likely was all different. Of all the things you were told which one did you feel natural, relaxed and confident that it would definitely make you hit the baseball? If you tell me one thing for sure that you remember and know will make you hit the baseball then for goodness sake put it in your memory bank and calculator called your brain for it will indeed help you accomplish and know how to hit a baseball.

All the rest of the how to hit a baseball you gathered is just so much "PHOOEY."

How to hit is more of a mind set than a mechanical action. The most important thing to do and to know on how to hit a baseball is to practice using natural control of the body the bat control and using your God given ability of eye and hand coordination and to be determined to place the bat onto the ball. Step into the batters box with total concentration of watching the ball in flight from the pitchers hand until it approaches the of crossing home plate.

Concentration, which is that strong, will almost assure you that the means to hit the ball will be automatic with practice. What did it matter how picturesque was your stance or the terrific swing of the bat looked in the follow through after you had missed the ball. The show of how you looked does not count for a tinkers dad-gum when you miss the ball. Form and looking good mechanically for a photo shot will not get the rent paid as far as baseball hitting is concerned.

Here are some names of some of the best baseball hitters who have ever played the game of baseball and you tell me me which ones listed had the same style, same mechanical swing of the bat, same stance, same position in the batters box etc etc.

Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Joe Dimaggio, Stan Musial, Barry Bonds, Honus Wagner, Nap Lajoie, Hank Aaron, Wee Willie Keeler, Mickey Mantle, Carl Yastrzemski, Roger Maris. I think you will have to conclude these were all great hitters and you will also note they all had their own unique style and way of how to hit a baseball.

May you put this small bit of thought into your noggin which will stand you in good stead now and forever in all of your ball playing days. They all had the superb and uncanny ability to approach step into the batters box and be ready with a concerted mind set and concentration to do battle with the pitcher and to hit the baseball.There was no clutter in their mind of how do I stand, what about me cocking my elbow, are my hands away from my body. Here comes the story of the one-eyed Mule again. You can bet your one-eyed Mule those items never even entered their mind for their thought were on that little white baseball they were there to greet.

How to hit a baseball foremost and always must be your very own natural way. Gain the knowledge for the essential elements involved in how to hit a baseball and apply that knowledge to your very own natural way to get the job done. Use your power of concentration to be totally focused on the baseball.

Batter Up----Let's Play Ball....

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