Most hitters never reach their full potential as hitters. Many college stars who have been drafted to play in the big leagues wind up disappearing into a dark hole never to be heard from again.

There are two reasons they fail to live up to their promise, besides their mental capabilities.

One they can’t hit off speed pitches and two the power they displayed in college is gone now they are using wooden bats. And the loss in power is directly attributed to poor swing mechanics.

In order to become a better hitter and succeed at every level of you play you need to watch a rotational hitting video to become acclimated to the swing adjustments you’ll need to make.

The big difference is learning how to swing the bat correctly to generate maximum bat head speed.

  1. You will no longer throw the barrel or your hands at the top half of the ball. Instead you will learn to turn into it and allow your hips to pull your hands through the hitting zone.
  2. Your weight will not transfer to your front side until your swing has been initiated and you have turned your body into the path of the ball.
  3. At contact your arms will no longer extend causing power loss, instead your arms will extend after contact for maximum power.

In brief, these are the differences you need to make to become a better hitter. Once you adopt these into your swing you will make more contact and increase your power numbers.

Don’t be hoodwinked into believing linear mechanics work…

…Their the reason a majority of players never tap into their true potential.

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